Auto Points Plan (Regular)

Commodity	Lot Size	Total Auto Points according to 2 lot	Pricing (including taxes)

Precious Metals
Gold	100	600 Points	INR 12500
Silver	30	2000 Points	INR 12100
Total Auto Points Combo	INR 24600

Base Metals
Copper	1000	30 Points	INR 6100
Total Auto Points 	INR 6100

Crude oil	100	300 Points	INR 7100
Natural Gas	1250	50 Points	INR 12500
Total Auto Points Combo	INR 19600

Combo Pricing (Base Metals + Energy + Precious Metals)	INR 50300

*We will be considering only 2 lots for calculation, but client can trade as per his/her trading pattern.
*The services will be given till the points redeemed do not get exhausted
*The points addition or subtraction will be done as per calls performance
*If stoploss is triggered in any calls then it will be added to balance points left to be redeemed
*Follow Ups & All Important News & Information is provided.
*Daily Resistance & Support levels.
*Important data updates and its impact.
*All calls will be purely intraday calls.
*All calls will have One Target and One SL
*24X7 customer support.

Disclaimer: MULTI PROFIT EXCHANGE is a great way to trade with confidence because your services continue till all your points are exhausted. Please note that the calculation of points are done based on all the calls generated by MULTI PROFIT EXCHANGE in the plan irrespective of whether you were able to trade in any or all such calls. This means that there is possibility that your points may get exhausted prior to your realization of profits (if you missed any of the calls or entered in calls without using recommended levels of entry, exit and stop loss).
MULTI PROFIT EXCHANGE Research is not assuring a specific return amount or a percentage return with this plan and the plan is subject to market risks. Please ensure your risk appetite matches with the information you submit to MULTI PROFIT EXCHANGE Research on the ‘Risk Profile’ form. Please email or speak with a MULI PROFIT EXCHANGE representative if you have a question regarding the plan or your risk profile.